# Administration of Contributions

# How do you transfer funds into Neptune?

Using a digital wallet, such as MetaMask (opens new window) or a wallet compatible with WalletConnect (opens new window), Members can contribute to Neptune after they have been approved (i.e., verified as an accredited investor, passed KYC/AML checks, etc., as applicable and as further outlined here).

# Why are contributions in Ether converted to wrapped Ether?

Ether contributions will be wrapped as ERC-20 tokens (wETH) to allow for a seamless interaction with Neptune's smart contracts (described further here). The ERC-20 standard streamlines how tokens are tracked and transferred between parties. Ether itself predates the ERC-20 standard, and it did not come with a built in standard of how to track and trade tokens amongst parties. The conversion from Ether to wETH addresses this concern.

# Will all contributions be held in Ether or can they be converted to other digital assets?

The Members, acting by majority vote, have the right to elect to invest capital contributions to Neptune in either Ether, Bitcoin, and/or fee or interest bearing cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. The vote will occur via the Dapp and voting procedures can be varied by the Members.

Last updated: 3/17/2021, 3:12:09 AM