# Capital Allocation in Protocols

# How do capital deployments in protocols get made?

Once a proposal is submitted, Neptune Members decide whether to nominate the proposal for funding.

If a proposal is nominated, the Members will vote on whether to deploy capital for a specific investment strategy. If approved via the Dapp, the facilitator will take steps to execute the strategy. Staking rewards will be held by the facilitator and remitted back to Neptune periodically and as directed by Members.

# Where do capital deployments get made?

Where capital deployments are made is up to the membership of Neptune.

# Can Neptune make underlying investments in platforms or software?

Neptune primarily will act as a liquidity provider; however, should the members of Neptune want to invest directly into a software company or platform, there is nothing in the operating document that limits these types of strategies.

# Who can view information included in capital allocation proposals?

Capital allocation proposals are viewable by the Members and potentially by the public. If you're a protocol founder and have additional questions regarding privacy concerns, please email us at hello@neptunedao.xyz.

Last updated: 3/17/2021, 3:12:09 AM