# Due Diligence

# How will Members of Neptune decide what investment opportunities to take, and how does it get executed?

The Members have complete agency in evaluating and authorizing investment opportunities. To preserve privacy, Members likely will create pools of funds that can be used to allocate funds in agreed upon positions. Neptune's Members then can vote on whatever position they would like to take, and if the vote passes, Neptune's facilitator (Alignment Engine, Inc.) will execute the investment strategy at Neptune Members' direction.

# Who is the facilitator?

The facilitator initially will be Alignment Engine, Inc., run by Sam Cassatt (opens new window). Members have the right to decide who should serve as a facilitator for Neptune at any point in time.

# Will Members have the opportunity to consult on what positions to take?

Members are free to contact any third parties to gain insight on trends and other relevant information when making decisions on what positions Neptune should take.

For communication between Members, the facilitator, and other third parties, Neptune will maintain a Discord, Telegram, or other relevant communication channels. If requested by the Members, Neptune's service provider or facilitator can schedule meetings or facilitate other interactions related to investment strategies being contemplated for execution.

# Can Members request that additional or different types of information be collected from different protocols?

Members have the right to control all operations of Neptune and any changes are expected to be implemented by the service provider or facilitator.

Last updated: 3/18/2021, 4:57:57 AM